care groups at nurture

Wobblers (1 – 2 years)

As your child begins to walk, they progress to this care group. Your child will be introduced to new play elements such as water, sand, climbing, story-time, music & movement and reading. Their growing independence will be facilitated and encouraged in the First Leaps Wobbler Curriculum. The tricycles, see-saws and slides in the Outdoor Play Area will help develop your child’s gross motor skills.

At this age, building your child’s self-esteem is very important. Your child needs to feel secure in their surroundings. Talking and positive reinforcement is very important for their confidence. By having regular contact with children their own age, they get used to bigger groups and their social and emotional development grows. Your child’s vocabulary develops at a fast pace and by the time they are two years old they will understand the meaning of hundreds of words and they will begin to put together phrases.

At this age your child will:

  • Start to take the initiative and strive for independence
  • Observe other children and learn how to interact and play with them
  • Run, jump, throw, catch, balance and kick
  • Become more mobile and independent in their actions
  • Improve their hand-eye co-ordination

“I really feel my children are in excellent hands when I leave the crèche. I never worry about them not being happy there.”
Nurture Parent

If you are looking for high standard childcare from an award-winning nursery, nurture should be your first choice.