nurture staff

Our staff are key to the success of nurture. Supportive and encouraging caregivers provide children with appropriate interaction and intervention and ensure your child’s experience is always positive.

“The effectiveness of an early years’ programme is determined by the skills, attitudes and commitment of the adults involved. Adults play a key role in determining the quality of the experience of the children.”

Donohoe & Gaynor (1999)

  • All nurture staff are qualified in Childcare and First Aid.
  • All staff have access to ongoing professional development training to ensure we are kept up-to-date in all Childcare developments.
  • nurture is fully compliant with all aspects of the Childcare Act, 1991, and the Childcare Act, 2006, including providing correct staff ratios for all age groups.
  • nurture is HSE and NCNA Notified.
  • All nurture staff are trained in Siolta, the National Quality Framework, and Aistear, the National Curriculum Framework.
  • Staff work in partnership with parents at all times.